Thursday, February 13, 2014


From lift off to disintegration
Mixed live 2/13/14

Mintra - SCNTST
Xe (BS1 Remix) - Fat and Ugly
High Speed - D-R-U-N-K & Distrakt
Sky Pushing (Dave Clark Remix) - Marcel Fengler
Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage - Blawan
Hardcore World '94 - IVVVO
Neon - Umba
Coroner Girl - Jean Nipon
Scan 9 from SoYo - The Black Dog
Got this feeling - Jason Fernandes
Ann Meth - Bas Mooy

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The carpet is unrolled.
The cameras come out.
The music is blasting.
The paint is glistening!

Its time to get dressed up all fancy-like! Dont have lots of money? Doesn't matter. Come in the most glamorous look you can pull together and strut down that red carpet like you mean it! Attitude is the most flattering accessory.

This month we are pulling out the stops to bring you an award show... DADT STYLE!

The top three looks of the night will be awarded their very own "Oscar". But this aint like those lil one foot guys... This is five to six feet of full blown golden flesh and muscle! We will be looking for 3 fearless candidates to be painted (full body) gold by our amazing artist Sylvea Suydam! Then they will be presented to the most stylish! Each Oscar comes equipped with the ability to buy you whatever drink you want too. Oooo that sounds good.

In honor of such a tasteful evening we offer up one of the freshest acts around to guide you through the paparazzi;


Massachusetts based Producer/DJ, ROBOKID provides that heady R&B/Bass vibe to your earlobes. With releases on The Brio Life, Lifted Contingency and Nu Bytes already, ROBOKID looks to release his second EP in early March on an unannounced UK label. Plan to see his name a lot more around the East Coast and beyond in the coming months.

Resident MC/DJ Colby Drasher will be bringing the heat on the decks. Ensuring new material to make you bust a move in that gown.

Drag Show TBA! It will surely be STAR STUDDED! 

Resident Visual Artist Nick Day will be providing the cinematic effects on our fancy REAL silver screen. All movies all night. Mashed together like they deserve.

ALL ARE WELCOME WHO WELCOME ALL to what DIG MAGAZINE voted 'Best Gay Night' of 2013.

Shine those blue suede shoes, look for that red carpet pouring out of Great Scott and smile for the camera!