Monday, December 23, 2013

Colby Drasher's Top 20 Albums of 2013

These were the albums I found myself listening to the most in 2013. All over the map genre wise; hip hop and techno to folk, footwork and freaky. I couldn't possibly put them in any order but I have broken them up into two categories; Light Rotation and Heavy Rotation. I even wrote little blurbs about the Heavy Rotation so you can have a better idea of what you are getting yourself into. If you would like a copy of any of them let me know and I "will see what I can do".

                                             Light Rotation

                                       Vapor City - Machinedrum
[ FAVE TRACK: Eyesdontlie ]

                                  Shaking the Habitual - The Knife
[ FAVE TRACK: Cherry on Top ]

                                        Immunity - Jon Hopkins

                                          Rival Dealer - Burial
[FAVE TRACK: Rival Dealer ]

                                          Old - Danny Brown
[ FAVE TRACK: Smokin' and Drinkin' ]

                                              Hi Tide - Tide Eye

                                        DJ Kicks - John Talabot
[ FAVE TRACK: Old Song - Max Mohr ]

                                     Ghost Systems Rave - Clouds

                                      Late Night Tales - Royksopp
[ FAVE TRACK: Vangelis - Blade Runner Blues ]

                                             Make You - Sepalcure
[ FAVE TRACK: The Waters Fine ]

                                              Heavy Rotation

                                          Aleph - Gesaffelstein
[FAVE TRACK: Pursuit ]
I would pretty much listen to Aleph when I was trying to get psyched to go out or just be powerful. Heavy hitting techno with some insane music videos to pair with it. Also unpredicted traces of androgynous speaking which took some getting used to. The instrumentals are indestructible though.

                                            Lost - Trentmoller
[ FAVE TRACK: River of Life ]
This album is all over the place. More like a story. Kinda like how albums used to be in the 90's and before. Incredible songwriting though. From meditative to melodramatic. Pretty flawless.

                                   Excavation - The Haxan Cloak
[ FAVE TRACK: Mara *unavailable online* ]
Dark. Hell. Music. Listened to this when I really wanted to "get there". Get out the candles and the axe and meet me in the basement. Minimal and horrifying, just how I like it. 

                                  The Word As Power - Lustmord
[ FAVE TRACK: Babel ]
Vocal chant music on the next level. I would venture if I had to choose a number 1 album of 2013 this would be it. Very spiritual and focused. The first song "babel" had the ability to instantly put me in a holy state of mind. Perfect.

                                           ESGN - Freddie Gibbs
[ FAVE TRACK: Have u seen her? ]
Freddie Gibbs is the most unforgiving rapper I know of. Uncensored always and raw to the bone. Not for the faint of heart. The beats in this album are solid like old 90's beats- no trap here. The bass is thick as butter but his vocals cut like a hot knife.

                                     A/B Til Infinity - Egyptrixx
[ FAVE TRACK: A/B Til Infinity ]
Electronic landscapes. Distant sirens. Beautiful eerie melodies. This would be a close runner up to the number 1 album of the year for me. Unique yet approachable. Distinct yet refreshing. A must listen for anyone into electronic.

                                           Self Therapy - SCNTST
[ FAVE TRACK: Percee Scan ]
Wonderous beats. Some of them techno. Some of them more hip hoppy. But the synths that sweep over them are uncompromising and take it to the next level. Really gets the energy crankin' at times.

                                         Hinterland - Recondite
[ FAVE TRACK: Leafs ]
Peace in music. Somewhat somber, but soooo reflective. When I wanted to get work done on a cold night I put this on. Sounds taken from his trip into nature combined with thick analog sounding melodies make this album dreamy and warm.

                                            Glittervoice - Borealis
Forward beats and techno with washing synths. It combines two of my favorite things; power and ecstasy. Cold and brutal at times- overwhelming and beautiful at others. Never heard of Borealis before this album, but will definitely follow them now.

 The muse speaks through. Youth overcomes ancient. Genres blend. Looking forward.